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Health, Safety, Security and Environment

Health. Safety, Security

We conduct our business safely and in a socially responsible and ethical manner. We respect the law and endeavour to protect the environment and communities in which we work. As a leading oilfield operator in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, safety is of the highest importance and we consider it our licence to operate. We use our “smarter‑safer‑together” approach in all operations while adhering to the highest standards of business conduct. We have put in place comprehensive HSSE and operations management procedures including emergency and incident response plans. The Group actively engages with local communities and governments using specialist consultants to create clear policies and procedures which are supported by strong leadership, accountability and commitment throughout the organisation.

We have a simple premise: to integrate HSSE into the everyday working environment; providing advice, tools and systems which enable our workforce to manage risks. Continuous engagement with the workforce to enhance the HSSE culture by encouraging open and honest incident reporting and investigation; training and development, via our Competency Based Framework (“CBF”); and having a young, enthusiastic, educated national workforce who are keen to learn all contribute towards achieving high standards in this area.

Environmental performance

We are focused on minimising the environmental impact of our operations in line with the legal and regulatory requirements governing environmental practices within the Kurdistan Region. We recognise the importance of maintaining a healthy natural environment and are committed, as part of our CSR Plan, to demonstrate improving levels of environmental management, with the aim of reducing the environmental impacts of our business.

To ensure that health, safety and environmental considerations remain core values, we see it as our obligation to identify and reduce risks, safeguard people and protect the environment, assets and the communities where we operate.

Waste Management

In 2011, the Company developed and began implementing a waste management initiative.

Our industrial incinerator meets all EU established criteria for air emissions and is positioned to handle all the solid waste generated and efficiently serve Shaikan allowing us to monitor and control waste disposal. As part of the Company’s continuing community relations programme we have set up a “Green Team” made up of Kurdistan nationals to operate the incinerator, collecting rubbish from our operational sites and neighbouring villages. We are one of only a few oil companies that handle waste in this way.